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A Sock Puppet on a String by Luke Evans

A Sock Puppet on a String

by Luke Evans
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It ends with Rumpelstiltskin propelling me against the stone wall in the Castle on the Abyss, a power he had never before possessed against me, the gatekeeper.

But just before his attack, I had my final clue—

The silence. Gone were the sounds of earth, my lifeline to the world. Gone.

I deserved no less than what I got.

I suffered, and still suffer, from the attack. But I am no longer asleep; the veil is lifted from my eyes. Now I am the dragon awakened.

Aubrey snapped to attention. He was in a copse on the far edge of Lana’s garden, shovel in hand. Before him lay a fresh grave, the earth mounded up in the center. He was covered in mud like a dog in heat, and he was soaked. The rain must have only just quit; the air was charged and hung heavy on the land.

He stood and almost collapsed back to the ground. The throb in his head drove all thought away.

Through the branches, he caught a glimpse of Lana, behind the glass of the kitchen window. Her lustrous brown hair, hanging over her ears, framed her soft face. She raised a mug to her lips and drew a sip.

Soon she would see the blood, and her world would turn on end. Aubrey had no intention of being around when that happened.

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About the Author

Luke Evans

Luke Evans has had stories published at MuseItUp Publishing, Gryphonwood, and TQRstories, among others.

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A Sock Puppet on a String by Luke Evans

A Sock Puppet on a String

Aubrey stifled a gasp. How could this be? His head swam. He pulled back the covers on his side, saw a fresh stain in the center of the mattress, looked down at his shorts—no, another man’s shorts.

This can’t be. No, no, no, it’s all wrong.

He stumbled from the room. Everything was strange, nothing right.

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But this was not an ordinary storm. Aubrey saw it for what it was: the coming of the devils.

He backed away from the window. His foot caught on something, and he fell to the floor. Stickiness covered him. Blood. He looked behind him, to the object on the floor that had tripped him. A man’s body, handsome, tall, smartly dressed.

Dead. A massive blow to the head.

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