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Eye of the Beholder by Danica Green

Eye of the Beholder

by Danica Green
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“Hi. I’m Brian. I work in the advertising department.”

“Hey Brian, I’m...”

“Alice, I know.” He smiled warmly. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been taking your lunch breaks alone so I thought perhaps you’d like to eat with me this afternoon and I can introduce you to some people?”

“That’s so kind of you!” she gasped, delighted. “I would love that, thank you sir.”

Brian laughed a little.

“No sir, just call me Brian. Okay?”

“Yes s...Brian.” She laughed too, a tinkling of raindrops that sounded almost musical to Brian in the light of Janie’s fat-clogged chuckles. He bid her goodbye and took the elevator to his office, sitting down to work with a mind full of unsavoury thoughts.

As lunch approached, Brian found himself checking his reflection in the screen of his computer and fussing about with his perfectly clipped hair. When he arrived down at the reception, Alice was standing by the exit, delicate hands and colorless nails clutching a plain black tote bag. He had only ever seen her sitting down and she was shorter than he had imagined, yet another thing he found appealing, if only because his wife’s obsession with Sofia Gordon included her wearing thick platform shoes to make up the extra few inches she lacked. Some women chose to buy an image that stood at the height they desired, the naked eye showing them as they wished to be viewed but any physical contact revealing that the entire top portion of their bodies was hollow. Brian greeted Alice and they walked down the street to a small café in a park, Brian tripping over his feet as he watched her and shooting his arm through a tree next to the tables. The park flickered briefly, a flat, empty area flashing into existence and people yelling at him from behind their coffee cups before the grass and flowers settled back into their place. Alice giggled and took a seat as Brian entered the café and returned with coffee and sandwiches for the both of them.

“So Alice,” Brian said, trying to sound nonchalant. “I guess you’re not a fan of Sofia Gordon?”

“I suppose I like her music but I tried out the body for a day and I didn’t get along with it. Large breasts annoy me...I can’t see my shoes.” She smirked and Brian smiled at her.

“My wife...”

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About the Author

Danica Green

Danica Green is a UK-based writer who is fascinated with human nature and emotional extremes. Her work has been published in over forty print and online publications including the venerable Smokelong Quarterly. Her most recent anthology publication with Cinammon Press can be found here: Cinnamon Press

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