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A Mynah for the King by Ahmed A. Khan

A Mynah for the King

by Ahmed A. Khan
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“If the king reads them,” the young man explained patiently, “these stories will help him become a better ruler.”

“Ah! Ah!” Wait till he shared this with his fellow guards once he was off-duty. This should be good for at least a five minute laugh.

“So when can I see the king?”

“And who are you?”

“Story-teller,” he did not add “of course” but it was there in his tone.

“Here, fill out this audience form and we will contact you when the king has a slot available for you in his busy schedule.” The guard reached inside his pouch, pulled out a paper and handed it to the young man.

The young man looked at the form, sighed, tore the form in two, put the pieces in the guards hand, turned and left before the guard could say or do anything else.

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About the Author

Ahmed A. Khan

Ahmed A. Khan is a Canadian writer whose works have appeared in Strange Horizons, Interzone, Anotherealm and many other venues. He has edited anthologies like SF Waxes Philosophical and A Mosque Among the Stars He maintains an irregular blog at ahmedakhan.livejournal.com.

Story Discussion

Stories by Ahmed A. Khan


A Mynah for the King

“I burned the papers. The stories are in my head.”

The prime minister turned to the captain of the soldiers. “You heard what he said?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you heard what the king said. The king wants the stories and not the story teller.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The stories are in this man’s head.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Split open his head and get the stories.”

The captain pulled out his sword.


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